Classic Small Breed Puppy

Every day, Montego pets and owners throughout South Africa depend on Montego Classic for energy, well-being and happiness because every bite contains:
26.5% Protein for strong bones. Builds muscles and promotes healthy growth for ideal body condition and all-round performance.
Vitamin C & E for immune support. Added vitamins fight free radicals, developing strong immune systems and promoting daily cell renewal.
12% Fat for abundant energy. Extra fat gives puppies the necessary energy they need every day and nourishes their growing bodies!
Calcium & small-bite kibbles for little teeth.
The added Calcium in our small-bite, crunchy kibbles help to maintain all-round oral health for growing pups.
Highly digestible ingredients for digestive health.
Meats and good carbohydrate sources are highly digestible, providing all the stamina and vitality growing pups need.
Antioxidants & essential nutrients for overall well-beingContains antioxidants, essential nutrients and minerals that puppies need for strong bones, teeth and muscles.

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