Maxi Puppy (2 to 15 Months)

Large Breed Puppies, with an expected adult weight of 26 to 44 kg, need vital nutrients from their diet to cater for their specific growing needs. This amazing bag of Royal Canin dry puppy food is enriched with a combination of special nutrients for balanced energy levels AND with added calcium and phosphorus to support healthy joints and bones in our fast growing large puppies.

What’s more - Royal Canin Maxi Junior dog food comes with a balanced supply of intestinal flora & L.I.P proteins for optimal digestive health and good stool quantity - leaving your large breed puppy happy and healthy. 


  • Large Breed dogs (26 kg - 44kg) from up to 15 Months (Puppies)
  • Optimal palatability - it tastes GREAT
  • Meets large puppy’s high energy needs
  • L.I.P proteins & balanced intestinal flora (prebiotics FOS & MOS) to support optimal digestive security and contribute to good stool quantity.
  • Calcium & Phosphorus to support healthy joints and contributes to good and delicate bone mineralisation & bone consolidation in large breed puppies
  • Antioxidants complex and manno-oligo-saccharides strengthens natural defences
  • 100% money back satisfaction guarantee 

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