Classic Large Breed Puppy

Every day, Montego pets and owners throughout South Africa depend on Montego Classic for energy, well-being and happiness because every bite contains:
26.5% Protein for strong bones. Builds muscles and promotes healthy growth for ideal body condition and all-round performance.
Omega 6 & 3 for a healthy skin & coat. Balanced Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids may help nourish skin – promoting healthy skin and a soft, shiny coat!
Reduced fat for growth & weight control. Decreased energy content compared to regular puppy food helps to control the growth rate and weight of larger breed puppies.
Calcium and Phosphorus for skeletal development & maintenance. Provide the Calcium & Phosphorus to help develop and maintain the growing skeletal systems of large breed puppies.
Natural Glucosamine & added Chondroitin for cartilage & joints. Natural Glucosamine sourced from Chicken and added Chondroitin support the production & maintenance of healthy cartilage as well as joint lubrication.
Essential minerals & vitamins for immune support. Contains antioxidants and vitamins that puppies need to boost their developing immune systems keeping them healthy and strong!

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