Dog's Life Sweet Dreams Cushion - Black

This 100% removable cover makes the bed one of its kind. You can remove all the parts inside the bed and wash the cover separately. Now you can have one dog bed that last you a long time! 

There is also an inner cushion inside and the cover is fitted with a zip. Therefore you can easily add/remove the fillings at a later stage. This again adds further life of the bed.

The bed is made with tough, waterproof D300 polyesters oxford material. Polyester oxford is a 100% polyester fabric that has a PU coating. This fabric is traditionally used for raincoats, 
however it has become very popular and quite versatile in the outdoor market, such as tents. Therefore it is a perfect material to use on our beds. Not only does it help the beds to be waterproof, it also give the bed a much longer lifetime. 

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