Waterproof Ballistic Nylon Memory Foam Cushion

1680D Denier Ballistic Nylon

The Ballistic Cushions are made from a 1680D Ballistic Nylon material. The 1680D Denier Ballistic Nylon is a tough, synthetic basket weave fabric. This heavy duty nylon fabric’s abrasion resistance and durable construction make it a top-performing choice for rugged applications where strength and abrasion resistance are a high priority. E.g. dog beddings. 

Ballistic nylon was developed by the DuPont Corporation as a material for flak jackets to be worn by World War II airmen. Today the term is often used to refer to any nylon fabric that is made with a “Ballistic Weave’. 

100% Removable Washable Cover

The Ballistic Nylon Cushions has a 100% removable washable Cover. The cover of the cushion can be removed, so that it can easily be washed. The zips are high quality industrial zippers that are both easy to open and close. 

Memory Foam Mattress

We use memory foam for our Ballistic cushions. It has proven to provide excellent support for the pooches. As your dog lies on the memory foam, the surface slowly adjusts to the weight distribution, offering a well-aligned support system. Memory foam also offers the advantage of being a long-lasting choice than normal foam mattresses. 

Dog's Life's 90 Day Chew Proof Warranty 
Our durable Ballistic Nylon dog cushions are crafted to withstand heavy paw traffic and while our beds are not 100% indestructible by all breeds and all dogs, we’d like to think they come pretty close! Therefore, we are proud to offer a warranty on all our Ballistic cushions. Should your dog chew up the outer cover within 90 days from date of purchase, don’t worry, it’s covered under our limited warranty. 

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