Adult Working & Endurance

ALL Sizes - Working/Overactive/Pregnant/Lactating dogs with high energy needs from 1+ Year (Adult)

Working, very active, pregnant and lactating dogs need vital nutrients, protein and loads of energy from their diets to live up to the demands of their lifestyle and stay in peak condition and live up to the demands of their lifestyles.

This exceptional bag of dry dog food is formulated with Eukanuba’s highest levels* of protein (30%) and fat (20%) to support sustained energy, promote healthy powerful lean muscles and boost scenting ability for peak performance.

What’s more -  Eukanuba Adult Dry Dog Food diet has 3D DentaDefense technology that cleans with every bite, reduces tartar build up by 80%* and helps your devoted dog maintain strong beautiful teeth to brighten up your day. 

Eukanuba is recommended by top breeders, so indulge your top dog with the top choice.

* for Adult dogs
** results may vary

  • Active/Working/Pregnant/Lactating dogs from 1+ Years (Adult)
  • High protein and fat levels to keep dogs in peak condiiton
  • High quality animal protein (chicken & turkey) to maintain powerful and lean muscles
  • Calcium to support strong bones
  • Antioxidants to strengthen natural defences
  • Omega-6 and 3 Fatty Acids to promote a healthy skin and radiant coat
  • Prebiotics and Beet Pulp to provide digestive health and optimised nutrient absorption
  • 3D DentaDefense technology reduces tartar build up and helps maintain strong beautiful teeth
  • Eukanuba’s excellent quality safety standards with 120 safety and quality checks per bag
  • Ingredients are all human grade and can be traced back to farm origin
  • 110% money back guarantee - Eukanuba is THAT confident.
  • 40 Years of Eukanuba enriching the lives of our pets 

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